In today’s society, more people are becoming concerned with health and wellness. The most important aspect of living healthy is getting a good amount of exercise. This principle also applies to dogs. Many people bring home a new puppy without realizing their intense physical needs. Puppies need a regimented amount of exercise daily to be happy. The amount is dependent upon the dog breed in question. Walking your dog around the park simply isn’t enough in most cases. Do dogs need exercise every day?Research Before you look into bringing a new dog home it is a good idea to research the breed. Some breeds are bred for activity. Sporting group dogs are the most active. This group includes breeds such as the Golden Retriever, Brittany, Labrador Retriever, and Weimaraner. The age and health of the dog is also going to make a considerable difference. Most puppies for sale will have outrageous amounts of energy. To burn it off, the little one needs to get a minimum of 30-60 minutes of heavy exercise daily. Sporting breed puppies as mentioned above will need even more. Do you have the time for this? Too Much Of course, one can over do all the exercise. It is important to recognize signs indicating as much. Take a break if your new puppy begins sitting constantly, falling behind, or panting heavily. Everything is new for a puppy including their body. Your dog might not be able to recognize how much is too much. Always be ready to take a break and give your pup water so they can stay hydrated. Type of Exercise Choosing the right exercise is important as well. All dog breeds have a natural aptitude for specific exercises. No matter what type of exercise you do, make sure your pup is having fun! Exercise will then seem like a game rather than a chore. Some dog breeds, such as the Greyhound, were born to run. Stockier dogs such as the Bulldog and Boston Terrier are built for short bursts of energy. Dogs with a pressed in snout have difficulties breathing during exercising as well, so it is important to stick to playing fetch instead of taking them on long runs or hikes. Regardless of the breed, however, exercise is still required in one form or another. Exercise does more than fight canine obesity. A few of the biggest issues Puppy Parents have with their new dog are barking, chewing, and whining. Acting out in a destructive manner is caused by boredom mixed with excess energy. Exercise helps to release that energy in a constructive fashion. Always remember: A tired dog is generally a good dog. Annie Klacks @animaroo
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