When considering different puppies for sale, you need to keep in mind any older dogs you might already have in the house. Puppies are wonderful new additions to any home, but they can sometimes be a bit much for any older dogs you might already have as pets. Puppies are a lot more playful than older dogs and therefore can be a little bit too aggressive or energetic for them. If your puppy won't stop biting your older dog, there are steps you can take to get them to calm down. Puppy won't stop biting my older dogWhy Puppies Bite Why do puppies bite? The old joke is probably because they can. In truth, this isn't far from being the usual reason. Still, there are typically two reasons this conduct comes about so let's take a look at them. The first reason has to do with socialization. Simply put, a lot of puppies are removed from their fellow pups and mom before they are socialized and learn what is and is not acceptable. When teamed up with an older dog, they simply don't know they shouldn't bite. As a result, they gravitate to the older dog and bite away. The second reason a young puppy will not leave an older dog alone is purely due to excessive energy and a real desire to play. Puppies are typically little balls of energy. They will go full speed for a few hours, sleep for a few hours and then be ready to go again. Your older dog is not on such a schedule. The end result is the puppy bites the older dog as a sign of playfulness, something the older dog doesn't really appreciate. How to Resolve the Biting Issue There are a couple of different approaches to fixing the biting problem. You will want to try different approaches to see what works the best. Do Nothing - How can this help? At some point, your older dog is going to have enough. If he or she snaps and bites the puppy back, it will be a lesson quickly learned by the puppy. Dogs have a way for working out there social order. Of course, if your older dog is too old or not dominate, you will need to take an additional step. Toys - Each of your dogs should have their own toys to play with. Puppies do well with toys that are filled with peanut butter because these keep them busy for a long time. There are also ropes and various other chew toys you can choose from. Discipline- Every single time your puppy starts biting or being aggressive with your older dog, you have to step in. This means physically getting up and saying "No!" when they start. Slowly, but surely, the puppy will start to understand. Spray Bottle - Whenever your puppy starts to chew on your older dog, spray them with a water bottle and say "no". This cause and effect approach can teach a puppy to stop messing with the older dog. Also known to work on boyfriends! Exercise - When your puppy has a lot of energy, let him or her out to go run around. I found that when my puppy was the most energetic, she was nearly impossible to deal with. As soon as I let her out, I would throw a toy for a while until she got tuckered out. Sometimes this meant separating both dogs, but it really helped her relax the rest of the time she was inside and she left my older pup alone. Tips for Success
  1. Use a firm voice when dealing with your wayward puppy, but never anything else. Puppies can be frustrating, but don't let your emotions get the best of you. Your relationship should always be a positive one with your dogs, old and young.
  2. Be consistent. This is where most training fails. You can't just give them certain commands during the training period. You must give them the same commands throughout the day and expect the same conduct. Anything less and your puppy will become confused and understandably so.
Getting your puppy to stop biting your older dog is something you need to deal with immediately. A new puppy should be a happy family addition, not something that makes your older pup miserable. Just remember you are dealing with a puppy and that they take time to learn! Annie Klacks @animaroo
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