Find the Right Boarding Facility for Your Pet

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If you plan on traveling for the holidays and aren’t able to bring your canine companion along for the ride, we have some tips on finding the right care for your pup while you are gone

States with Puppy Lemon Laws

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One of the best things to do is purchase from a reputable breeder that offers their own guarantee. In case you have purchased a sick puppy without a guarantee, you still have recourse in these states.

How Your Dog Can Help You Lose Weight

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Need to lose a few pounds? A family dog can be just the motivation you need to get out and moving when you are not feeling particularly motivated.

Why A Microchip For Your Dog Absolutely Makes Sense

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Most dogs become lost at one time or another during their lives. Learn why a microchip could be the difference between losing them permanently and finding them again.

Is Getting A Puppy For Your Kids A Good Idea?

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Puppies and kids. The two just seem to go together. Should you get a puppy for your kids? Read more to find out.