Along Came a Goose

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They made be the ultimate animal kingdom odd couple: a formerly-abused German Shepherd and a cranky goose. But they prove that it’s not just humans who can find their soul-mate.

Rescued and on the Road

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A Florida trucking company has a new employee: an eight-year-old Rottweiler mix that was literally hours away from being put down before being given a new life.

Zoos Use Beagle as a Pregnancy Test

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A trainer in Sbeaglehawnee, Kansas, has successfully trained a dog to literally sniff out pregnant Polar bears. Zoos across the United States are now using Elvis the dog to help with their breeding programs.

Cute Puppy Video Of The Week – Australian Shepherd Puppies Herding Ducks

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Australian shepherds are herding dogs by nature. In our cute video of the week, see what happens when Australian shepherd puppies are matched up with ducks.

Desperation Becomes Inspiration for Dog Trainers

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They say desperation is the mother of invention; in the case of Albuquerque, New Mexico, couple Rick and Heather Dillender, it was the start of their careers as dog trainers.

Cute Puppy Video Of The Week – Lab Puppy Masters The Tummy Rub

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In this video, we see the very core of the personality of a Labrador. This puppy does something that is so funny and cute, you will be shaking your head. It is the ultimate expression of the Lab personality and why these dogs are so popular.

Dog Has Something to Say After Bath Time

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This video is guaranteed to make you laugh. This dog is so cute and the voice-over is perfect! He wants to give his owner a piece of his mind!

Cute Puppy Video Of The Week – A Herd of Rotty Puppies

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Watch a herd of cute Rottweiler puppies as they tumble around on each other and just generally play. Oh, so cute!

Cute Puppy Video Of The Week – The Howling Beagle

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Beagles make some of the cutest puppies. Watch this video of a Beagle puppy doing some professional howling with their owner.

Cute Puppy Video Of The Week – Bichon Frise Puppies At Play

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Bichon Frise puppies can often seem like little white balls of fluff. In our cute video of the week, you can see how a group of Bichon Frise puppies react to their new play area.

Cute Puppy Video Of The Week – Labrador Retriever Puppies In The Great Outdoors

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Labrador puppies are some of the funniest and cutest puppies in the land. In this cute puppy video of the week, we see them being introduced to the outdoors for the first time.

Cute Puppy Video Of The Week – French Bulldog Puppies Wearing Out Mom

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Puppies pack a lot of energy in short bursts. It is enough to wear a mom out as we see these French bulldog puppies do in our cute puppy video of the week.