Pick the Right Puppy Out of the Litter

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Animaroo has helped you pick the perfect breed and responsible breeder. Now how do you pick the perfect puppy out of the litter?

Breed Specific Legislation Could Be Reconsidered

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Just as the courts have deemed racial profiling—deciding who is a potential threat simply based on ethnicity or nationality—as an affront to civil liberties, several states are reconsidering laws that restrict dog ownership based on breed.

New Study Can Lead to New Training Methods

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Most dog owners would emphatically agree that dogs feel love. But scientists rarely accept anecdotal evidence or gut feelings as verifiable proof. But recent research appears to validate what dog owners say is obvious: dogs do indeed love.

Train Your Dog to Deal with Separation Anxiety

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Babies cry or whine when they are distressed. When it comes to puppies, a lot of whining is due to separation anxiety. The howls begin when their person leaves them alone. In addition to the whining, separation anxiety can make house training more difficult or prompt destructive behavior. Whining, simply put, is a symptom of anxiety.

Dog Dietary Supplements

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It wasn’t that long ago when dog food was made primarily of animal by-products. In reality, that’s just a nice way of saying animal parts left over after slaughter containing questionable nutritional value. In recent years, many small start-up companies have introduced nutritional dog food made of fresher ingredients like fruits, vegetables, and fish. So it wasn’t much of a leap to develop dietary supplements to further improve the health of pets.

Puppy Destroys More Than Just Furniture

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Everyone knows that puppies chew, chew and chew some more. That’s just common knowledge for any dog owner no matter how new they are to the puppy parent game. But nothing could prepare a couple in South Yorkshire, England for the explosive destruction their newest puppy Zeus would cause.

Dog Breeders File Suit Against USDA

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A group of dog breeders are filing a lawsuit to stop the implementation of a new rule from the United States Department of Agriculture designed to ...

It's Not You. It's Me. I Need Space!

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"It’s not you, it’s me. I need space.” If you see a yellow ribbon on a dog, that’s probably what she is trying to tell you. The yellow ribbon is part of The Yellow Dog Project. This dog-based movement is a way of generating awareness of a visual message the dog and her owner are trying to convey.

The Circling Elimination Question Answered

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Why do dogs do circles before finding the perfect spot to potty? Answers that have been given in the past have ranged from the need to trample down the grass to surveying the area for danger. We may finally have an answer.

Air Canada Refuses Soldier's Service Dog

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Air Canada has issued an apology to an Alberta soldier with post-traumatic stress disorder who wanted to fly with her service dog, a pug-schnauzer-terrier named Snoopy. Sgt. Shirley Jew said the airline told her Snoopy would have to travel as a pet for a $50 fee.

New Allergy Med is Approved for Dogs

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A new medication has been approved for treatment of dogs suffering from dermatitis.

Additions to the 2014 Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show

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The Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show coming up next month has some new additions to look for this year.