Pick the Right Puppy Out of the Litter

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Animaroo has helped you pick the perfect breed and responsible breeder. Now how do you pick the perfect puppy out of the litter?

There's more to training than housebreaking

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Training your puppy doesn't begin and end with housebreaking. Socialization is just as important in having a happy, well-behaved pet. According to the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior (AVSAB), owners should enroll puppies as young as seven or eight weeks in training classes, as long as it is seven days after the pup's first shot and de-worming treatment.

Research Validates Your Puppy Love

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People who call their pets their kids(fur babies, four legged family member... etc) are often viewed as either overly lonely, eccentric, or possibly delusional. However, recent research suggests the emotional bond dogs and their owners are a lot closer to that of parent and child than previously thought.

Puppy Destroys More Than Just Furniture

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Everyone knows that puppies chew, chew and chew some more. That’s just common knowledge for any dog owner no matter how new they are to the puppy parent game. But nothing could prepare a couple in South Yorkshire, England for the explosive destruction their newest puppy Zeus would cause.

Dog Breeders File Suit Against USDA

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A group of dog breeders are filing a lawsuit to stop the implementation of a new rule from the United States Department of Agriculture designed to ...

Toddlers Prefer Dogs Over Cats

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Is it possible that humans are hard-wired to like dogs? A new study found that by the time a child is three years old, they are much more attracted to and engaged by dogs. Cats? Not so much. The researchers stated the obvious when they noted cats choose to ignore their owners.

House Breaking Your Puppy 101

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For those who received a puppy under their Christmas tree, the New Year is a time of training. Knowing the proper techniques will make your puppy’s learning curve less stressful for both dog and human.

Some People May Not Be Taking "Service Dogs" Seriously

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The proliferation of online sites that sell service dog vests and the growing number of people exaggerating disabilities to have their pets nearby has created an explosion of service dog fraud. The deception is hurting the people who need the help the most.

New Allergy Med is Approved for Dogs

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A new medication has been approved for treatment of dogs suffering from dermatitis.

Con Artists Scam Puppy Lovers

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Con artists are playing on the heartstrings of dog lovers to scam money. The thieves post online ads featuring pictures of adorable purebred puppies for sale at a very reasonable. But after buying the pet, consumers get taken for thousands in bogus fees—and never get the dog.

Do you know what warning signs to look for when supervising your dog?

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"Supervise your dogs and children when they are together, never leave them alone." I think we can all agree that is pretty sound advice. But when adults are supervising the children and dogs, what are they looking for? An estimated 800,000 Americans seek medical attention for dog bites each year. Half of those victims are children ages 5-9.

Traditional Dog Training Techniques May Not Be the Best

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New research into dog cognition suggests some traditional techniques may not be the best for training. Generally speaking, dogs don’t see the world the way humans do. So we end up frustrating ourselves and our pets by not recognizing this fundamental fact.