Are You Prepared for a Puppy?

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While the benefits of having a pet are proven and well-known, less discussed is the commitment required of pet owners.

New Book - How to Speak Dog

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In news that will not surprise you, pets use tail wags, barks, and expressions to communicate with their owner. But veterinarian Gary Weitzman says some people may be better at translating what their dog is saying than others because they also pick up other physical cues.

Another Step Toward Eliminating Puppy Mills

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A federal judge has upheld the city of San Diego’s ban against the retail sale of pets, meaning pet stores are prohibited from selling dogs and cats.

Woman Charged With 15 Counts of Second-Degree Cruelty

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Alabama authorities have charged Debra Catledge with 15 counts of second-degree dog/cat cruelty. The arrest came after police received an anonymous tip that Catledge, 53, was running a puppy mill.

New Advances in Car Safety for Dogs

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Inspiration may be the mother of invention but apparently love of your pet is not far behind. After a traffic mishap left her dog Maggie with a sprained spine and hip, automotive engineer Lyndsey Wolko set out to make car travel safer for pets.

Find the Right Boarding Facility for Your Pet

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If you plan on traveling for the holidays and aren’t able to bring your canine companion along for the ride, we have some tips on finding the right care for your pup while you are gone

Pitt Bulls - Victims or Dangerous?

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The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) is trying to educate the public about pit bulls. The agency reports that pit bulls aren’t vicious monsters. Rather they are dogs that have been bred to fight other dogs.”

Cute Puppy Video Of The Week – Lab Puppy Masters The Tummy Rub

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In this video, we see the very core of the personality of a Labrador. This puppy does something that is so funny and cute, you will be shaking your head. It is the ultimate expression of the Lab personality and why these dogs are so popular.

Cute Puppy Video Of The Week – Cats vs. Puppies

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Can cats and dogs get along? This video would seem to suggest as much as a cat shows incredible patience when dealing with a hyper little puppy.

My Puppy Stinks Even After a Bath

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Does your puppy stink even after giving it a bath? Learn the potential reasons for the smell and what you can do for to cure your puppy of it.

Cute Puppy Video Of The Week – A Herd of Rotty Puppies

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Watch a herd of cute Rottweiler puppies as they tumble around on each other and just generally play. Oh, so cute!

Cute Puppy Video Of The Week – The Howling Beagle

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Beagles make some of the cutest puppies. Watch this video of a Beagle puppy doing some professional howling with their owner.