Cayman Residents Seek Backyard Breeder Regulations

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A community is banding together to demand better regulations for unscrupulous backyard breeders. The issue came to light after the story broke in Grand Cayman about a pit bull named Bella used to produce up to 100 puppies. The potential street value of the puppies could be as high as $100,000.

USDA Rules on Puppy Sales

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Up to now, puppy mills selling animals online were exempt from federal oversight because a provision in federal Animal Welfare Act regulations exempts breeders who sell directly to the public, which includes internet sales.

7th Sign of a Responsible Breeder: Gets Involved

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A responsible breeder is so much more than just a puppy factory. They put an immense time, effort and money into each and every breeding and puppy. They do it for the right reasons and they always put the animal’s welfare above all else. They are working to continue the line of quality dogs. In addition, they get involved in the dog community.

Banning Retail Sale of Puppies

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The ASPCA’s definition of a responsible dog breeder is one who deals directly with the buyer. By that standard, pet shops are unacceptable middle-men.

New Bills Seeks Transparency on Puppy Sales

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A lawmaker of York County, Pennsylvania, has introduced legislation that would require pet store owners that sell puppies to provide information about the dog’s background such as medical records.

6th Sign of a Responsible Breeder: Provides a Guarantee

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So, you are looking for a purebred puppy? If you are going to purchase a purebred puppy, you want to find a reputable breeder. There are many indicators that will tell you if the breeder is responsible and ethical. One of the last things you will probably ask for, but perhaps one of the most important is a guarantee.

Choosing a Puppy #005 - Ask questions

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Choosing a puppy is a big step. It’s not like purchasing a car. It’s more like deciding to have a child. But buying a puppy is a whole new experience. These questions will help you interview the breeder before the purchase of any puppy.

5th Sign of a Responsible Breeder: Pre-Screens Buyers

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There are many people out there posing as breeders that do not have the knowledge or consideration to raise puppies in a responsible way. They also do not take the time and effort to make sure each and every puppy goes to a good home.

4th Sign of a Responsible Breeder - Nurtures Puppies

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Puppies are a lot of work. Responsible breeders can tell you they are very busy every day caring for their dogs and puppies.

3rd Sign of a Responsible Breeder: Socializes Puppies

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Interview your selected breeders about their socialization process and make sure they can talk to you in depth about their practices and training methods.

An Alternative to Banning Pet Stores

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Pet Stores get a bad reputation for supplying pets from puppy mills. Petland says responsible pet stores encourage proper breeding.

1st Sign of a Responsible Breeder: Loves the Breed

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A responsible breeder loves the breed and is not afraid to show it. These three factors exemplify a love of the breed and will help you in choosing the right breeder.