The Yorkshire Terrier, or Yorkie, has stolen the hearts of millions. This teacup puppy is the original pocket puppy with the heaviest of these pups tipping the scales at a whopping seven pounds! No wonder Yorkie puppies for sale make great companions. You can take them anywhere with ease! Most people love Yorkies for their their cute and adorable nature, but these pups were loved for an entirely different reason historically. Grrrr... Yorkie, Yorkshire Terrier Originating in England, the Yorkshire Terrier was known as a dog with a very particular skill. It was renowned for its ability to...hunt rats. Any owner of Yorkie can tell you they love to burrow. This skill and their relatively small size made them perfect rat hunters. While rats are less of a problem for most people today, the same can't be said for cities a hundred years ago and this made Yorkies a prized pup indeed. Features The defining features of a Yorkie are long hair, large ears, oblong body, and a small pointed nose. Their coats are long, gray and shiny as adults, although puppies will be dark with a brown muzzle and "brown socks." It makes for a cute dog. Many people cannot have dogs as pets because of allergies. More specifically, allergies to the fur of the pup in question. Yorkies make perfect pets for such allergy sufferers. Why? A Yorkie coat is hypoallergenic due to the fact they have hair and not fur. Yes, you read that correctly. If you or someone you know has allergies to dogs, it is worth your time to look into these amazingly personable little guys. In addition to Yorkie puppies being hypoallergenic, they are also easy to train. The truth of the matter is many smaller breeds can be difficult to train because they tend to have such strong personalities. The Yorkie is different. They are easy to train if you are consistent with the training. One area you have to be careful with when it comes to Yorkies is dominance. Yorkies are quick to assert themselves as the alpha in the pack. The best way to maintain a good relationship with your Yorkie is to treat them as if they were a large breed dog. If you would correct a larger breed dog for doing a certain behavior, you must discipline this small dog. It can be difficult since they are so cute, but you must stick with it and establish yourself as the alpha. Yorkies don’t require too much exercise because they tend to run around the house a good bit. They are also comfortable living pretty much anywhere whether it be a large home or a small apartment. Are they good dogs to own? Absolutely. They are full of personality and will have you smiling on even your worst day. You can take a look at a few choice Yorkie puppies for sale here. Annie Klacks @animaroo
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