Dr. Elsey’s® Kitten Attract™ Cat Litter 20 Lbs

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Dr. Elsey's Kitten Attract Clumping Clay Cat Litter is the #1 kitten training litter for kittens 8 weeks to one year. This scoopable litter is an addition to the Cat Attract litter line. Kitten Attract Training litter is made of premium scoopable litter with superior clumping ability and ground to an ideal granule size and texture for a kitten’s tender paws. Kitten Attract contains a kitten-specific natural herbal attractant that piques a kitten’s curiosity to use the litter box. The combination of herbs, texture and particle size provides a unique and effective solution for owners of kittens. Dr. Elsey recommends that after one year owners switch to Cat Attract to ensure consistent litter box use. Each box has a free Litter Box Solutions Booklet.
Key Benefits:
All-natural training litter with ideal granule size and texture for tender kitten paws
Contains kitten-specific natural herbal attractant
99% dust free, hard clumping
Multi-cat formula with superior odor control
Works with sifting/mechanical litter boxes

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